You. A Love Story.


Self Care For The Body And Soul

Society has taught us that love is an outward expression. Something we give to others. But before we can love others, we must learn how to love ourselves more.


Caring for our own needs through self-love is often not prioritized. But it’s time to change that thinking. Self love is such an important part of who we are and how we grow. Clearing your mind of distractions and focusing on that is an important, but sometimes overlooked part of life.


Self care. Self love.


How do you love yourself? Start small and restore balance. Hide the phone and take a long bath. As long as you wish. Diffuse our Organic Relax Oil in the bathwater and enjoy the mind and body benefits of natural ingredients like rose and lavender. While you’re there, write down your accomplishments, and why you deserve self love.


When you get out, look at yourself in the mirror and reclaim the power to accept and respect every inch of your beautiful, human self.


Self aware


Be conscious about what you put in or on your body, and how those things not only cause damage to you, but to the ecosystem in general. Know your value, and the value of the planet, and be there for each other. Start small, with a natural deodorant and begin to rid yourself of the toxic compounds conventional antiperspirants leech into your beautiful body.


Judge not.


The world is full of judgement, brought on by society and by others. Free yourself of hat baggage, and prescribe to your own idea of living. Who you are matters most, and judging yourself for whatever human indiscretions come before you is never a good thing. Forgive yourself for your faults, and simplify your life around things that don’t require the approval of others. Paint a picture, sing a song, go for a drive, journal, pet the dog or take on a fun DIY project. There is no one who knows you better than you, and when you love that person inside like a partner, happiness inside and out is the result.



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