Erbaviva + Coyuchi

At Erbaviva we understand how important what we put on our bodies is. We also know it doesn't stop before we get dressed or crawl into our comfy bed.

We have found a new friend in our quest for environmental solutions to create an organic "nest". Like Erbaviva, Coyuchi also born in California over twenty years ago. We are thrilled to introduce these leaders in premium organic textiles and home goods to our fans and lovers of organic! 
Coyuchi's organic textiles, sheets and pajamas are not only stunning in their simplicity but allow us to sleep better at night knowing our loved ones are nestled in comfortable, healthy, organic bedding. 

The newest series of "Little Coyuchi" will be featured in several new Erbaviva + Coyuchi gift sets coming this holiday season. These are perfect gifts for the tiniest friends or parents to be.

We are also happy to announce that we have two curated summer classics from Coyuchi available for a limited time. 


100% organic cotton Beach Poncho, grown and woven in Turkey. Inspired by the traditional fringed peshtemals of the Turkish bath, this organic cotton poncho is the perfect post-swim wrap, absorbent and fast-drying.


100% organic cotton Sutro Stripe Beach Towel, grown and woven in Turkey. It is a modern take on a traditional flatwoven towel found in every Turkish bath and home. It is super plush, absorbent, and perfect for a trip to the beach, lake, river or pool.

Coyuchi and Erbaviva wish you luxurious lazy days at the beach!  We hope you'll join us in welcoming Coyuchi to our Erbaviva family. 

Olivia Martinez

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