5 Tips for Eco-Friendly Camping


An estimated 40 million people go camping each year in the United States. The scenic views, inspiring hikes and starry skies help us de-stress and reconnect with nature. Nature provides us with many benefits so it important that we give back and protect the environment. Enjoy 5 simple tips for more eco-friendly camping adventures:

1. Reusable Kitchenware - Pick up eco-friendly, unbreakable plates, cups, cutlery,Eco friendly camping

 washable dish towels and cloth napkins. Avoid disposable versions that leave behind excessive waste.

2. Used Gear - Choose used gear or rented camping equipment for a lighter carbon footprint. If you prefer a new sleep bag, try an eco-friendly camping gear option made out of recycled materials.

3. Clean Soap - Remember to wash you dishes with natural, biodegradable soap. Harsh detergents will introduce toxins into to the environment. Waste water should emptied into dry ground, or as directed by the camping facility, and never into a stream or river.

organic products for camping4. Sustainable Sunscreen and Bug Spray - Keep your visit to nature chemical-free by using organic sunscreen and natural body bug repellent. Chemical sunscreens and bug sprays are toxic to the human body and to our precious environment. 

5. Minimal Electricity - Leave electronics behind to connect deeper with nature and reduce energy usage. For flashlights and cameras use rechargeable batteries or bring along a solar charger. Keep your emergency cell phone powered up and stick to the essentials.

6. Bulk Water - Steer clear of plastic water bottles and choose sustainable camping gear instead. Bring along a BPA-free collapsible water container or gallon water jugs and refillable water bottles. Plastic water bottles create excess waste that can harm the environment and wildlife.

Eco-friendly camping takes preparation and planning but it makes for a more enjoyable experience. Leave nature the way you found it and enjoy!!

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