Does Organic Deodorant Work?


A product that many people apply in the morning before heading out the door is deodorant. Some of us sweat more than others and some give off more body odor so we depend on deodorant to help control these concerns. When shopping for a deodorant, we want to find one that smells good but also gets the job done. If you’re trying to clean your beauty and skincare routine, you may be on the lookout for an organic deodorant – but does natural organic deodorant work?

Toxic Ingredients

Deodorant has been around for years but unfortunately, a lot of deodorants or more specifically, antiperspirants, contain harmful ingredients such as aluminum. Aluminum is used to block sweat glands to keep your pits dry.

There have been some questions about aluminum and its connection with cancer and other health detriments and though there is not a lot of scientific data to support this, we prefer staying on the safe side and taking the natural route.

Other potentially harmful ingredients to keep an eye for are parabens, phthalates, talc, propylene glycol, silica, and fragrance

Organic and Natural Deodorants

Luckily for us, with the green beauty movement, there has been a wave of organic and natural deodorants released in the market that help keep the underarm fresh. There are a variety of organic deodorant bars, sticks, pastes, and even sprays that you can choose from. These deodorants use ingredients such as baking soda, corn starch, coconut oil, and essential oils to combat sweat and odor. There are definitely benefits of using natural deodorants, but do they actually work?? And where should you start??

Erbaviva Organic Deodorants

erbaviva - organic-deodorant

Skin Care Ox - one of the largest resources for the best natural and organic research and products - spent months trying over 80 different so-called organic/natural deodorants to narrow down their list of 18 Best Organic and All-Natural Deodorants of 2018 -- That Actually Work! In the end, Erbaviva's Organic Jasmine & Grapefruit and Lemon & Sage Deodorants were amongst the best they tested. Diane Elizabeth, Founder of Skin Care Ox has written a custom post for us telling why she loved the products and how they came to select Erbaviva deodorants over other competitors. Of course we had to share the great news - here's what she had to say:

Finding a truly organic, non-toxic, and effective deodorant can be quite the challenge. Not only is it imperative for the product to be free from potentially toxic and irritating ingredients like parabens, aluminum, triclosan, propylene glycol, talc, steareths, and a host of other undesirable ingredients, but it is also very important that the product actually work.

That’s why I set out to tackle the stinky job of testing over 80 so-called natural and organic deodorants on the market to find the absolute best. Let me tell you, there are a lot of not-so-great deodorant products out there which overpromise and, sadly, underdeliver.

One deodorant that really stood out from the rest was Erbaviva’s USDA Certified Organic Deodorant sprays. Going into the testing, I was extremely hesitant. Could a spray deodorant made with just organic essential oils really control odor as well as an arrowroot or baking soda powder-based deodorant sticks? Since I’m prone to underarm irritation due to baking soda, I was definitely open minded and had high hopes. As a part of the test, I applied 2-3 light mists of the Jasmine & Grapefruit organic deodorant to each underarm every morning for one week.

Erbaviva did not let me down! I was pleasantly surprised at how the spray’s 100% organic essential oils (like ginger root, jasmine, lemon, orange, grapefruit, and sage) worked to effectively eliminate bacteria and odor all day long. Not to mention, these oils create a wonderful light citrus scent. The organic grain alcohol is a real anti-bacterial powerhouse which also creates a slight drying effect on the pits. Even when I broke into a sweat from working out, the deodorant was highly effective at keeping any odor at bay. Out of all of the products that I tested, Erbaviva’s was one of the few that I ended up reordering for my own personal use.

Who knew that a simple organic oil spray could be so effective as a non-toxic deodorant solution? After testing almost every natural deodorant under the sun, I can confidently recommend Erbaviva’s spray deodorants to anyone looking for a truly organic solution.

If you’re making the transition to organic deodorant, remember that every person's body chemistry is different and we all react differently to ingredients so you have to experiment to find the right deodorant that works for you. Your body also goes through a process of adjusting when making the natural switch so you have to be patient. To help with the process and help clear buildup, exfoliate your underarms twice weekly.

If you haven’t made the switch to organic deodorant, give it a try and let us know how it works out for you. If you already have, share with us a deodorant you love in the comments below. We want to know!


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