Switching to natural deodorant is another step to eliminate more toxins from our daily lives and avoid more potentially harmful chemicals in the products that we consume. Erbaviva is a brand that has one of the industry’s best organic, all-natural deodorants, with a formula that includes active ingredients like organic lemon peel oil (naturally antibacterial) and sage oil (also antibacterial, and effective at controlling lipid production).

The Truth About Commercial Deodorants

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and absorbs everything you put on it, including the aluminum chloride, hexachlorophene, triclosan, phthalates and chlorofluorocarbons that are found in traditional deodorant and antiperspirant products. These chemicals are all absorbed through the epidermis, entering the bloodstream and ultimately ending up stored in our cells and tissue. While some of the chemicals in conventional deodorant formulas haven’t been directly linked to adverse health reactions, others have been flagged as potential carcinogens (namely aluminum chloride and phthalates). Others, like triclosan, have been linked to abnormal hormonal activity and impaired thyroid function. And the ‘fragrance’ included in many conventional deodorant formulas is a completely unregulated melange of chemicals: trade law loopholes mean that cosmetic companies don’t have to reveal their ‘fragrance’ formulas. These chemicals and toxins ultimately have a variety of negative impacts on our health, affecting everything from skin’s cellular DNA structure to our endocrine systems.

Using natural and organic deodorants means avoiding these potential health risks. However, it’s worth noting that organic and natural formulas typically won’t eliminate perspiration to the same extent that chemical formulas will. Conventional antiperspirants and chemical-laden deodorants stop your sweat production through clogging your underarm pores, effectively preventing your body from properly releasing the sweat necessary to cool down and release toxins, which is a natural process when our bodies are under stress or highly active.

Sweat is an essential mechanism for properly flushing toxins from the body and keeping your PH balance healthy. Moreover, sweat itself isn’t actually the culprit behind the smell associated with body odor. Sweat is comprised simply of salt and water, and a healthy person will have sweat that is scent-free (or that smells vaguely of saline). Body odor is produced when sweat comes into contact with the bacterial ecosystem that lives on our skin. Natural deodorant works to alter this reaction. The plant-based essential oils in Erbaviva deodorants work to remove bacteria from your underarm area, body odor is minimized and contained.

Synthetic chemical ingredients are not necessary to create an effective deodorant

For effective protection against body odor and moisture reduction, organic deodorants rely on a long list of effective organic and natural solutions. Making the switch to better products has the potential to increase your overall skin health, leaving you with a stabilized PH balance, eliminated allergic reactions, and un-clogged underarm pores.

The safest ingredients for topical application should be closest to their natural form, so that they can be “integrated” into the body, absorbed, and filtered without any health side effects. Processed and lab-derived ingredients are usually designed for performance, but aren’t formulated with considerations of absorption and internal health in mind. In the case of deodorant, ‘ultra powerful’ formulas with purportedly long-lasting effects may seem like the most effective choice–but the reality is that in order for a deodorant to work for periods of up to 24 hours, the formula relies on compounds called phthalates, which are included to help the formula fragrance ‘stick’ to your skin on a chemical level. And phthalates, research suggests, disrupt healthy testosterone levels, meaning potentially impaired reproductive ability and impacted fetal development in pregnant women. For minimized risk, opt for a deodorant formula that’s less ‘heavy duty’.

Fresh and effective Scents

What’s more, compromise on scent and freshness is absolutely not necessary. Essential oils and other natural ingredients used in the the Erbaviva collection work as antibacterial agents while also having naturally energizing and floral scents–lemon oil brings brightness and tea-tree oil provides a clarifying note. In fact, natural scents are generally more effective at treating odor, and are often preferable to synthetic fragrances which can smell too strong, too “flowery,” or otherwise overpowering.

No skin irritation

Commercial deodorants are often formulated to plug the sweat glands and prevent moisture from escaping through your skin. This is effective for stopping sweat and odor, but can cause bumps (especially if you shave your underarms), skin irritation and clogged pores.  Whatever your specific skin type, there’s an organic and plant-based solution that works for most people. Some organic deodorant formulas boast plant-based moisturizers to treat skin conditions like razor burn or eczema.

No more stained clothes

Deodorant stains on fabrics are the result of aluminum interacting on a chemical level with the proteins in perspiration. Natural deodorants av#oid this issue thanks to their gentle profile sans aluminum.

A healthy perspiration cycle

Sweating is a normal biological function that your body uses to cool itself and release toxins from your bloodstream. Conventional antiperspirants stop you from sweating entirely, while natural and organic deodorants naturally reduce the odor when sweat occurs. Using plant-based formulas to manage odor allows the normal function of the body to take place, keeping your skin healthy, cooled, and in a constant state of renewal. A natural deodorant is the best solution for your body odor and your long term health.  Make the choice now to a healthy alternative.

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