Why to Avoid "Fragrance" in Products

One way to keep your home healthy and happy is to use organic ingredients for the home and body. if a product has synthetic fragrance listed in skincare ingredients, we recommend thinking twice before bringing it into your holistic home. The Federal Fair Packaging and Labeling Act established in 1973 requires cosmetics to publicly list ingredients on their product labels. However, fragrance is seen as a trade secret and the word has since been used as an umbrella for thousands of chemicals that do not have to be listed or disclosed, many of which are toxic for the body. These ingredients include BHT, Oxybenzone and Phthalates, to name a few. 

there are a variety of ways that the chemicals inside synthetic fragrance can negatively affect the body. The most well known effect is related to the endocrine system. This system is a collection of glands, including the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, adrenal glands, and more, that secrete hormones into the circulatory system. When certain synthetic chemicals are absorbed in to the body they can act like hormones which disturb natural hormone production. Even a slight disruption in hormone levels can create a significant issues in the system. The result can be very broad and may affect a person’s weight, metabolism, reproductive system, and more.

Synthetic chemicals have also been linked to chronic allergies, skin conditions, respiratory issues, and eye irritation. Not knowing exactly what is in a product can also make it hard for those who have sensitive skin to figure out exactly what is causing an allergic reaction. This is why we recommend that you always read the product label before making a purchase. 

Of course staying chemical-free does not mean that you cannot smell great and partake in aromatic adventures. essential oils are truly naturally occurring aromatic compounds derived from flowers, roots, resins and other parts of the plant. we recommend using products with naturally derived fragrances and/or are organic that are free of chemicals like our Embrace Spray or Relax Spray. Both of these products offer a nice, light scent without any toxins. with so many companies using synthetic fragrance in their skincare ingredients, certain precautions must be taken to make sure you’re purchasing healthy products for your family.

Unfortunately, the United States doesn’t force companies to list the specific ingredients inside of fragrance so that means as a consumer, you have to be extra careful. We recommend reading the ingredients in everything you buy. Don’t trust what the front of the product says because many items will say it's natural or fragrance-free or unscented but will still include toxic chemicals in their products. We hope this little bit of information helps you make healthier choices for your family.  

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