Rose Benefits For The Body

Rose Essential Oil is used in many products at Erbaviva because of the enchanting scent and all of the benefits that these beautiful blooms offer the body and soul. We source the highest-quality rose essential oil and use it throughout our line such as in our Awaken Collection and Stretch Mark Oil to promote beauty and wellness for the entire family. here is a list of our top 3 rose essential oil properties that make it a great addition to your daily beauty rituals:

  1. Aromatherapy Benefits - Rose essential oil has been used for its therapeutic aromatic properties for centuries. Its warm, creamy, floral, deep aroma is known to support and nurture the human spirit. It is feminine, empowering, and helps strengthen the link between the heart and the mind. The sweet, warm aroma helps create a tranquil atmosphere that can reduce anxiety and calm the body. Rose blends well with Lavender and Clary Sage
  2. Anti-inflammatory - Rose essential oil's anti-inflammatory properties are known to reduce skin redness and blotchiness, as well as alleviate skin irritations making it great for the entire body. Add a few drops to an organic carrier oil to use as a skin soothing oil for face or body. 
  3. Skin Hydration - Rose offers moisture retention properties to keep skin smooth and supple. Dry skin can be delicate but rose is gentle enough for even those with persistent skin sensitivity. Add a few drops to an unscented body oil or cream for deep hydration. 

There are so many other ways that rose can benefit the body but these are just some of our favorites. Rose oil skincare is amazingly versatile, it’s no wonder it's one of our staple ingredients. Remember, a little goes a long way - check out our pure essential rose oil and add it to any products that you use or make your own rosewater. et us know what your favorite rose oil uses are by leaving a comment below!

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