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We invited blogger, photographer, founder of Wallace and James, Jamie Barker (also our photographer) to Wanderlust Hollywood for a 'Tapping to Trust Your Intuition' event. She agreed to write about the experience and let us share it on our blog. Here's what Jamie had to say about her experience at this trusting your intuition and following your gut event.

My friends at Erbaviva first introduced me to Wanderlust Hollywood and I have been waiting for the perfect event to attend. Tapping with Jennifer Partridge caught my attention because my intuition and I have not been in sync as of late, and I have been working on reconnecting with my psychic self. When I first signed up for the class at Wanderlust Hollywood, I thought I was basically signing up for a Ted Talk that would assist with blockages. As I approached the front desk in a white button-up and jeans (my attempt at business casual), I gave my name and asked for directions. They looked at me strangely when I referred to the event as “the talk” but they allowed me to enter, nonetheless. I walked into a room full of a diverse group of people, some sitting on bolster pillows while humming with eyes closed, some chatting with their closest neighbors, some laying down, all in an effort to go inward. This was not a Ted Talk.

After I wrote down my intuition on a huge piece of neon poster-board, I grabbed all of the recommended items including a blindfold and a couple of tissues, because apparently everyone cries at this event. The event started promptly when Jennifer Partridge arrived. Clad in a bohemian maxi dress, Jennifer’s entrance was nothing short of inspiring. Jennifer is a beacon of hope for healing and a bright light exuding strength and confidence. Upon her initial introduction, she again mentioned the crying, at this point I was a little concerned and knew that this might be more intense that I had planned. I decide that I could either fake it or dive in and see what happened. I dove. I dove so deep that I used all of my tissue and needed additional sheets. This experience was so profound, I could have never prepared, after all, I had no idea where this journey would lead me. My subconscious has a mind of its own.  

Willingly opening Pandora’s Box and seeing parts of yourself that are painful is indeed a crazed act and due to the sensitive nature of my experience, I am keeping the deepest details vague. But I would like to share the experience the best I can.

jamie wanderlustFirst, Jennifer explained a process of having us tap certain points on our bodies to break into our subconscious mind. We focused on the intention that we wrote on the large neon poster board but my subconscious knew that I needed a different focus, so my journey completely shifted to another place. This place was way more painful than the safe topic that would only make me slightly uneasy. This change in course would be like going to a restaurant and ordering a beer only for them to bring you a double whiskey. It was more than I signed up for but I had already committed to letting go, so I followed my subconscious down the rabbit hole. Jennifer asked us to go back to the point in our lives where we lost our intuition or the first time we were betrayed. This is where the tears started flowing as I was taken back to a memory that I seldom remember, but has obviously shaped the person I am today.

I sat in the space for a few moments, tapping the points and asking myself for forgiveness. I heard my neighbors crying all around me and my own tears were flowing faster than I could catch them. It was such a visceral vision, I was a fly on the wall in a room witnessing a moment of my childhood that broke me. I kept tapping and forgiving myself while crying and really leaning into the pain. After a few minutes of sitting in this memory, Jennifer asked us to go back to that moment as the highest version of ourselves and hug that child. I went back in time through my subconscious mind and hugged my three-year-old self during the moment when I lost my way. Whoa, I could not believe what I was seeing. My lightest self as a beam of light hugged it out with my toddler self. We finished the mediation by testing how different Yes VS. No vibrated throughout our bodies. I will admit, yes felt entirely different than no which was the point, to be able to recognize your subconscious in the moment.

After this part of the event, we blindfolded ourselves and proceed to walk slowly around the room, we sped up and sped up again until everyone was running around the room completely blindfolded. The reasoning behind this was to test our intuition and prove that if we are paying attention we won’t run into anyone. The final part was dancing in the room with who ever you ended up standing by. There is something liberating about dancing with a stranger, especially when everyone is blindfolded. We took off the blindfolds and hugged our dancing partners, forever bonded by this spiritual experience.

This exercise in it’s entirety was extremely transformative. I think any energy work is beneficial but this particle experience is something I recommend fully. We operate so much of our lives from our subconscious place and tapping into that space and healing trauma is largely beneficial. Although I didn’t want to go back to my childhood and relive those experiences, I left that room with gratitude for the teachers in the world who learn this practice and work to heal others. I am grateful for the experience and the opportunity to grow and move past childhood trauma. If you’re considering attending an event like this, I cannot recommend Wanderlust and Jennifer enough.

jamie wanderlust

For more information on events that teach you how to trust your intuition and follow your gut at Wanderlust, click above.

Wallace and James is a holistic lifestyle blog founded by Jamie Arrigo - mother, wife, and photographer living in Los Angeles.


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