Breathwork with Avery Whitmore


What is breathwork? Breathwork is one of the latest wellness trends to pop up on our radar and in an effort to better understand this practice, we reached out to Avery Whitmore, Breathwork Facilitator and Sound Healer to find out more. Avery was kind enough to allow us to sit in on a session and answered a few questions about his process.  

What is breathwork?
Breathwork is medicine for the body mind and spirit. It allows us to quiet our mind and central nervous system while at the same time pulling life force energy into our body. Combine this together and you have a powerful recipe for self healing.

What are some of the top benefits?
Clarity, Inspiration and a deep connection to your true self.

What are some improvements you have seen in your clients?
I see clients with a renewed sense of confidence and a greater awareness to their purpose here on Earth.

What inspired you to get into breathe work?
I was inspired by the first time that I tried it. It did profound healing on me and I knew I wanted to help share this with others.

What is your process/intention when doing a session?
My intention is always to create a safe and secure container where my clients feel free to express and release anything that they need to openly.

What essential oils do you use in your practice?
Three that I take to every session are Lavender for relaxation, Clary Sage is used to help clear out any excess or unwanted energies, and Frankincense is used to help ground the client.  The latter is especially helpful at the end of a session after they have been flying high and it's time to return to the body.

Avery Whitmore

What are you top three breathe work tools?
I use my voice as a tool to guide clients and to give them support when it is needed.

Both the feather smudger and the rattle are used to help move energy that is being released during the practice, and to assist in cleansing the energetic fields of the clients as they are working.

Can you practice breath work anywhere?
Breathwork should be practiced somewhere safe, comfortable and quiet.  It's a powerful practice and a lot of things may get stirred up inside of you that you may not have known were even there. This is why it's important to create a secure space where you are free to express yourself and allow any healing to take place naturally, without disturbance from the outside world.

Advice to someone considering breath work?
DO IT! It's a simple and effective way to feel really good.

Tell us about why you use water/botanicals in your sessions?
Flowers hold strong medicinal vibrations. Water is the perfect carrier for these vibrations. By charging the water with these flowers and then placing it on the clients, they are receiving the healing essence of the flower.

What inspires you to wear white?
It's a simple way to stay neutral and neither carry nor absorb any energy that is not your own.


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