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Visiting a great spa does wonders for the mind and body. Whether pampering yourself in your hometown, or vacationing in a new city, setting time aside for a spa day is a must! Over the years we have partnered with some of the most beautiful spas in the country. 

SenSpa opened in 2006 in San Francisco, CA. Walking in, you’ll be captivated by the color and its modern décor.

What Makes It Unique?

Not only does SenSpa offer spa treatments but it’s also a wellness center. They approach things holistically, focusing on guiding every guest to their optimal state of well-being, nourishing the body, mind and spirit. For example, there are services designed specifically by individual therapists that include binaural brainwave massage and healing for cancer patients.

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Focus on Wellness Education

To add to their integrated approach, SenSpa strives to help build a community around wellness education. Early last year they opened up a group lounge where they hold well-being workshops.

Organic Cafe

They also opened an organic café partnering with local bay area favorites The Plant, Flour Craft Bakery, Blue Bottle Coffee and Matanzas Creek; so you can choose to extend your spa day with a snack, meal and/or a glass of wine.


If you’re feeling under the weather, try one of Senspa’s powerful healing treatments like the Island Indulgence (one of the top services) in which you can experience the scents, sounds and mana (energy) of the islands. Your body is gently rocked like ocean waves with rhythmic and kneading movements that are both soothing and energizing. Macadamia, coconut and jasmine oils connect you to the healing powers of the aina (mother earth). Combining elements of Hawaiian lomi lomi and using medium to deep pressure, this treatment purifies the body, mind and spirit. Your indulgence includes a body scrub, tropical body oil massage, and a scalp and foot treatment. You will feel refreshed and renewed – like a great day at the beach (90 minutes, $230).

Whenever you’re feeling imbalanced, indulge yourself at SenSpa.

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Olivia Martinez

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