Beauty From The Inside Out

Shaping and Firming

True, lasting beauty radiates from within and helps to learn to love your body. A daily beauty ritual of self-care can help us stay in touch with our inner power, femininity and brilliance. When we are able to see that beauty stems from the joy inside of us, we can start to truly appreciate and celebrate our bodies. We should embrace every curve and pamper every inch to exude confidence from the inside out.

Shaping and FirmingShaping/Firming Photo Shoot

When we decided to do a photo shoot for our Shaping and Firming products we wanted to embody this concept of empowerment. The human body is beautiful and we all have the freedom to embrace sensuality, strength and radiance. Los Angeles photographer, mom and blogger Jamie Arrigo, and Yogi, blogger and model Jackie Smyth, came together to bring us these amazing photos that fully encompass real, honest beauty.  


Shaping and Firming

Being Mindful

Part of daily self-care is being mindful about what we put in and on our bodies. In addition to maintaining a balanced diet of nutrients and drinking plenty of water, we have to be aware of what products we apply onto our skin. Skin care products and cosmetics can contain toxic chemicals that can be absorbed by the skin. We should consciously choose natural and organic products to consume and to use.

Those living the organic life have experienced the human body's amazing ability to heal itself. When we utilize the power of nature, the body works its own magic and we simply inspire positive results.

Shaping/Firming Line

The shaping and firming line is full of purposeful botanical ingredients and essential oils that are known to enliven and rejuvenate skin. These products feed the skin nutrients that inspire the body's natural ability to detoxify, shape and firm.

Therapeutic grade pink pepper, ginger and sandalwood in the shaping formula stimulate circulation and tone while frankincense and helichrysum contained in the firming line encourage cell regeneration and promote skin elasticity.

Shaping and Firming

The USDA organic certification also means that these products are over 95% organic, so pure that they are edible. The oils can be used for massage or a moisturizer, created with a base of hydrating and beneficial avocado and olive oils. Add the salts to a bath to open up pores and soak up the benefits or combine with the oils to create an exfoliating scrub.

Shaping and Firming

Visit our Personal Care | Spa tab to read more about each individual product.

We would love to hear how you inspire your body's natural ability to rejuvenate! Feel free to comment below!


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