Shop sustainably this holiday season


This holiday gifting season, we invite you to forgo fast consumerism and join us in pledging to shop consciously for sustainable Christmas gifts. Take part in the #GreenFridayChallenge, a movement to inspire thoughtful consumption and advocate for sustainable living in everyday life. 

What is sustainable shopping? It’s recognizing that every purchase has a social, environmental and ethical impact. What and from whom you purchase presents an opportunity to make your voice heard and support brands that align with your beliefs. 

Here are some of our favorite makers, who align with our own B-corp values of reduced inequality, lower levels of poverty, a healthier environment, stronger communities and the creation of more high quality jobs with dignity and purpose

Christy Dawn

This fellow LA brand, founded by Christy Dawn Baskauskas and her husband Aras Baskauskas , retails vintage-inspired dresses made by local artisans (paid a fair wage) in downtown LA with sustainable deadstock fabrics.  In 2020 Christy Dawn will be launching their farm to closet dream.


Coyuchi retails sustainably sourced, ethically-made goods, including luxury linens made with organically grown fiber and using GOTS-certified manufacturing, the latest water-recycling methods and circular business practices. 

East Fork Pottery

Ashville, North Carolina’s East Fork hand makes a full range of timeless, handmade ceramic dinnerware with regionally sourced stoneware clay and food-safe glazes made in-house.

Girlfriend Collective

This of-the-moment activewear brand’s signature leggings and bras are cut from fabric made out of post-consumer water bottles sourced in Taiwan, by factory workers treated with respect and paid a fair living wage. 


Mabo’s timeless children's garments are designed in Utah for little ones’ comfort and simple style and manufactured in the USA with natural fabrics. 

Nui Organics

Nui designs fashion-forward clothing for parents and children, for extended wear and from quality materials that respect both people and planet. As much as possible, the brand uses certified organic materials and production methods. 


Eco-friendly Oeuf, founded by a husband and wife team, retails high-quality and beautifully designed children’s furniture, decor and apparel that is sustainably sourced and responsibly created. 

Pons avarcas 

The traditionally-inspired, 100% handmade Spanish sandals from men, women and children are handcrafted in Menorca, Spain from ethically-sourced leather and regional materials. 


Athens, Georgia based-Willaby makes timeless, sustainable children's and home goods form 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton gauze. The gauze is woven abroad by Fair Trade textile companies, paying a fair wage, providing safe working conditions, and treating our environment with care, and ethically sewn in the U.S. and India.

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