Peace and Quiet Gift Guide


The holidays are one of the most hectic times of the year and we think you should treat yourself to some Peace and Quiet, so we rounded up some of our favorite cozy holiday gift ideas that bring mellow vibes. We love these goods so much that in coordination with our gift guide, we are also having a giveaway for products listed! Pop over to our Instagram to learn about how you can win all of these goods!  


Morrow Soft Goods - $100 gift card.  If you aren’t already familiar with the stunning linen sheets and alpaca wool pieces offered at Morrow Soft Goods, get ready to fall in love.  From their unique color options to the decorative pillows, this company nails it and we are happy to include them in our guide.  

Lucy Michel - Peace Piece Vase.  We can’t get enough of local artist Lucy Michel’s line and we are especially drawn to her Peace Piece.   Everyone can use a little more peace during the holidays.     

Morning Light Gift Studio - The Bliss Box.  Gift Boxes are suddenly popping up all over the place and we are especially drawn to the offerings from Morning Light Gift Studio who has a knack for perfectly curating her products.  Their Bliss Out Blox is packed with goods to chill you out and we think it would be ideal for the holidays.  

Erbaviva - Relax Essentials Trio.  Making time for self care around the holidays is essential for your wellbeing and what better way to take care of you than with organic personal care that offers bonus benefits via aromatherapy?  The relax line by Erbaviva is just what the doctor ordered.  

Chilote - One pair of adult slippers.  Because nothing says comfy and cozy like a pair of wool slippers and these are the dreamiest.  Treat your feet well this holiday season.

Moon Deli - Calm Dust.  Taking care of your mood is super important during this time of year and the Calm Dust from Moon Deli is a potent adaptogen that will calm you down when tensions are high during the holidays.  We like to think of this as the ultimate chill pill.   

Miss Runner

As an added bonus, we've connected with 100% vegan and fair labour trade women's activewear label Miss Runner to give you 15% off your order on their website! Enter code ERBAVIVA at checkout to receive your discount. Offer ends January 30, 2018.

About Miss Runner

Miss Runner is a women’s activewear label based in Hong Kong, uniting performance activewear with original art creations. We focus on quality construction for optimal athletic performance, each item integrated with activewear technology and smart garment features while coming together with select creatives from around the world to co-create our unique print designs. A creative process we’re proud of as we drive attention to emerging talents while keeping energetic women fit and active. Our founder is a former ballet dancer, active yogi & avid muay thai boxer who founded Miss Runner to offer women dynamic activewear that combines functionality with feminine design - easily taking your look from gym to street.

We train, we achieve, we do good, we feel good.




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