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As a company that prides itself in creating sustainable cosmetics that are good for the mind, body, and planet, we are always inspired by other companies that share a similar approach. We are living in a time when old remedies are resurfacing and 'simple is chic'. We want to celebrate the resurgence of holistic beauty with a sustainable beauty gift guide for you and your organic-loving friends.  

Here are our favorite eco-friendly grooming products:

conscious grooming

1.  One item that most people would love to have is organic textiles for the bathroom.  We especially love these by Coyuchi.

2.  If you are not already body brushing, get one of these by Iris Hantverk for yourself and once you do, grab one for your best friend.  

3.  We love these Gua Shas from Poppy and Someday and think they would be a sweet gift for any wellness lover.  

4.  Use the Gua Sha with Erbaviva's Shaping and Skin Firming Essential Oil to stimulate your lymphatic system.

5.  These Swissco Natural Sea Sponges are a great sustainable beauty gift to offer with your favorite organic personal care products.

6.  All of us can use a way to release tension and calm the mind this holiday season so gifting a chic Bodha Eye Pillow is for sure a win.  

7.  After stuffing ourselves with holiday food, there’s nothing better than a good detox and face scrub with this eco-friendly KARMAMEJU face brush.

8.  Pair the face brush with this amazing organic Ojas face serum.

9.  Want to help your friends create less waste? Grab them this chic hair pin from Individual Medley for a zero waste hair solution.  

10.  Everyone loves a nice long bath as a way to rejuvenate during the holidays and what better way to encourage this ritual than this new wood bath tray we found at Urban Outfitters.

11.  Looking for an eco-friendly grooming product for the organic-loving men in your life? We think this Natural Cologne sample kit by Juniper Ridge is perfect.  

12.  Everyone has a minimalist and conscious friend who wants wood everything - this toothbrush by Bogo is for them.  

We hope this gift guide has inspired you to shop consciously. We wish you and your family a very happy and healthy holiday. Cheers!


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