Father's Day Gift Guide 2017


Since Dads are probably the last people in the family to create a wishlist, buying a gift for Father’s Day can be difficult - but not to worry, we have rounded up some of our favorite gifts for every kind of dad. Our list includes offerings from small businesses, vegan companies, summer items and other dad-approved gifts.  

Here are our favorite, unique Father's Day gift ideas:

Father's Day Gift Guide

1. Abingdom Messenger Bag from JCrew
For the dad-on-the-go, this canvas bag is great for an overnight trip or a day at the office.

2. Mid- Century Bar Cabinet 
Small from West Elm - For the designer dad, this bar by West Elm would be ideal for a small office or any room.

3. Luxe by Mahabis
For the busy dad, this this company makes vegan slippers with detachable soles that can be thrown on for brief outdoor tasks.

4. Aviator II by Randolph
For the classic dad, these USA made sunglasses with timeless design would be a solid gift.

5. Oxford in Dried Olive Stripe by Anton
For the hip father, this shirt is a timeless piece and is ideal for summer.

6. Vacation Trunks by Mollusk Surf Shop
For the beach dad, these are the comfiest and most versatile trunks.  

7. Ayita Beige by Avesu
For the leather-loving vegan dad, Avesu offers beautiful footwear that is made consciously.

8. Organic Single Hammock by Modesto 
This organic hammock is the ideal gift for the father who needs a little relaxation.

9. The Ultimate Tool by Barebones Living 
With its multiple uses, this tool is the best gift for the adventurous father.  

10. Classic Belt by Tanner Goods
If you’re unsure what to get the dad in your life, a good belt is one gift that every man will love and Tanner Goods makes really high-quality items.

Should the amazing father in your life appreciate healthy, organic skin care products try the Breathe Collection with the woodsy aroma of eucalyptus, spruce and cedar. The Lemon + Sage Deodorant is also an ultra effective alternative to conventional deodorant that men love. Have an wonderful, eco-friendly Father's Day! 


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