Eco Style: Spring Cleaning

In many homes Spring cleaning is an annual ritual - a time to spark a renewed appreciation for our living space. In addition to general cleansing, reorganizing and decluttering we can make the #conscious decision to be be more eco-friendly this Spring. Here are a few of our favorite sustainable, eco-friendly spring cleaning tips.

Decorate Using Sustainable and Recycled Materials

When buying new pieces to spruce up your living space seek out rapidly renewing materials like bamboo or cork. Re-fabricated glass and metal make beautiful rustic shelves and room accents. When purchasing wood items look for sustainable wood from forests that are growing faster than they are being harvested. Choosing wood that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is the best way to verify that your wood is from a properly managed forest.

Erbaviva Eco Style Spring Cleaning
Reduce Paper Towel Consumption

Approximately 20 trees and 20,000 gallons of water are used when making 1 ton of paper towels. Using cloth napkins and dish towels to save these precious resources is another great sustainable spring cleaning tip. Re-purposing old cloth is even more sustainable. Try using old T-shirts, table cloths or sheets, cut them into sections, and stack them nicely under the cabinet. 

Steer Clear of Chemical Fragrance

Most “fragrances” are synthetic chemical cocktails that are toxic to pets, people and the environment. Keep your home smelling fresh naturally. Try creating a homemade potpourri from fresh herbs, fruit and spices. Or use Organic essential oils to diffuse clean, botanical aromas in a diffuser.

Declutter and Give with FreeCycle.Org

FreeCycle.Org is a nonprofit movement of people who want to keep good stuff out of landfills. Membership is free. You can look for goods in your town, or giveaway items that you want to pay forward.

Repurpose with Purpose

Before heading to the furniture store consider repurposing. When you reuse items it means less logging, mining and manufacturing. Items made from natural materials like glass, wood or bamboo can easily be given a second life. Check out this great DIY Salvage Makeovers article on

 Erbaviva Eco Style Spring Cleaning


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