Super Green Smoothie Recipe

Kelly Weston, the founder of I’m Fit & Happy - a home fitness and nutrition program - recently came to the Erbaviva headquarters to us a pilates class. The workout was effective and fun and we can’t wait for our next class after the New Year!

Kelly also brought in a wonderfully nourishing Super Green Smoothie that kept everyone energized after her high intensity workout. We are happy to share this healthy green smoothie recipe with you!


3 handfuls of clean spinach
2 small peeled oranges 
1 sliced cucumber
1 ripe cubed avocado
32 ounces of water

super green smoothie


1. Blend spinach and water until smooth.

2. Add remaining ingredients, and blend until smooth.

*Add ice to make smoothie cold.

This detoxifying green smoothie is a wonderful natural
energy booster to keep you going throughout the day.
Phytonutrients in the leafy greens boost your immune system.
Plus many people report natural weight loss
when choosing a smoothie in place of a
typical breakfast.

To learn more about Kelly Weston and her
I’m Fit & Happy plan click here.


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