Top 5 Eco Destinations for 2016


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Planning a vacation this season? Connect with nature by embarking on an Eco Adventure that you will never forget. Here are a few of our top Eco Destinations located near and far. 

WHERE?  Ventana Inn | Big Sur, CA 

WHY?  This eco-chic resort sits on 243 acres off the Pacific Coast Highway. Forest blankets this sustainable tourism destination and stars fill the sky. As a member of the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program Ventana upholds guidelines to purchase and serve seafood from sustainable sources. Ventana’s onsite organic garden provides herbs and vegetables to serve along side local, sustainably sourced organic fruit, and meat.

Top 5 Eco Destinations

WHERE? The Villas at Stonehaven | Tobago, West Indies

WHY? This tropical resorts sits on 11 acres of land which adjoins 260 acres of wildlife sanctuary. Tobago is home to the Main Ridge Forest Reserve the world’s oldest legally protected rainforest. It contains a diverse mix of wildlife and endangered reefs - a true retreat into nature.

5 eco destinations for 2016

WHERE? Alila Villas Soori | Bali

WHY? Alila Villas Soori was designed to meet Global EarthCheck's eco standards for sustainability including the use of local materials and landscaping, heat-reflective roofs, and organic food. A combination of indigenous volcanic rock and abundant plants organically cool the villas. Open courtyards provide natural ventilation and lighting minimizing the use of both air conditioning and artificial lighting.

5 eco destinations for 2016

WHERE? The Cristalino Lodge | Brazil

WHY? A 28,167-acre rain forest reserve in southern Mato Grosso envelops Cristalino’s wooden bungalows. Canoe or swim in The Cristalino River, or enjoy nature walks and wildlife viewing. The bungalows feature a natural ventilation system and make use of solar water heating and bio-waste treatment for responsible tourism.


5 eco destinations for 2015

WHERE? El Monte Sagrado | Taos, New Mexico

WHY? With a rich blend of Native American, Mexican, and Spanish cultures Taos, New Mexico offers a unique retreat from the hectic world. El Monte Sagrado is one of the only sustainable resorts in the region where you can enjoy the lush landscapes, sacred grounds, a flowing indoor waterfall, an art gallery, or local adventures like rafting and skiing.

50eco destinations for 2016

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