Four Conscious Decisions you can make this Turkey Day!


Greening your Turkey Day can create its own type of feel-good holiday fun. It is the perfect opportunity to show your gratitude to nature with a couple of simple conscious decisions.

Here are 4 easy tips for an Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Thanksgiving Celebration.

Buy Local - Eating in season and purchasing from local food vendors, such as those found at Farmer’s Markets, can greatly reduce your carbon footprint this holiday season. Your fruits, vegetables, and proteins will have travelled less to reach your table, which means less air pollution and fresher, more flavorful ingredients. Plus you will be supporting small, local business.

Go Organic - Organic, free-range turkeys are raised with access to fresh air and fed higher quality, natural diets. These turkeys are raised without the use of hormones and antibiotics. Since you are already on an organic roll accompany your savory turkey with organic fruits and vegetables. Organic cranberries, heirloom potatoes and winter squash can light up the table with colors, flavors and nourishment. Want to take things a step further? Go Vegan this holiday season. Try stuffed portobello mushrooms or maple glazed tempeh for delectable protein options. Or check out our Organic Vegan Vegetable Soup Recipe!

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Use Sustainable Tableware - Pull out the fancy china and linens…real friends love helping with the dishes! Truly sustainable tableware can be washed an reused. But if disposable tableware is a must try compostable dishes made out of sugarcane or corn rather than plastic.

Use Eco Transportation - Ride your bike or carpool to your destination… the first works off the pumpkin pie and the second allows you to enjoy more wine! Fun fact about carpooling: Carpooling once a week can keep 800 pounds of greenhouse gas out of the air each year.

We love your feedback: How do you make your Thanksgiving eco-friendly?


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