Pregnancy - A Time of Self Discovery

Pregnancy has a way of inspiring reflection that is holistic bringing focus to the mind, body and spirit.

A new pregnancy can kindle an array of thoughts and emotions. A journey has begun…life-altering, exciting and nerve-wracking. Sure there is researching baby names, and planning out a new nursery, but along side those tasks a true soul-searching begins where all basic choices are revisited. In many ways the pregnancy ebb and flow is timeless. Yet recent trends for expectant moms seem to be transforming some of the more challenging pregnancy moments into opportunities for self-discovery and renewal.

The 2015 mom-to-be has a new set of tricks up her sleeve. As early as the first trimester many women modify their daily routine to include pregnancy wellness activities such as yoga, meditation, or switching to organic foods and products. These lifestyle modifications leave many women with a renewed way of life that can last far beyond a 9 month term.

Here are a few reasons why we love these pregnancy self-care trends.

organic pregnancy tipsYoga - Nausea and back pain can be a major source of discomfort during pregnancy but prenatal yoga is being accepted as a viable remedy for these symptoms. Yoga is also known to enhance fitness, assist in stress reduction and improve sleep. A study by the Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation found that yoga may also help improve baby’s birth weight and decrease risk of preterm labor.

Meditation - Mood swings are a common pregnancy challenge but researchers at the University of Michigan discovered that just 10-weeks of Mindfulness Yoga led to significant mood elevation for expectant moms. A daily prenatal meditation practice has also become widely recognized for its ability to promote mental clarity and provide increased attentiveness and inspire creativity.

organic pregnancy foodsOrganic Foods - Satisfying cravings while eating nutrient rich foods can be undertaking. But the vibrancy and palatable flavors found in locally grown organic foods is what has foodies and locavores rushing to farmers markets and ordering CSA boxes. Indulging in quality, nourishment and flavor – free from potentially harmful pesticides and toxins  – is what makes organic the perfect choice for mommy and baby.

Organic Personal Care Products - Caring for tummy dryness and itchy skin while using pregnancy safe personal care products can take some effort. Fortunately expectant moms that would like to avoid toxins, synthetic fragrances and unhealthy additives can keep and eye out for products carrying the USDA organic seal. The USDA Organic Certification is only granted after meticulous assessments from the National Organic Program scrutinizing everything from seeds, soil and water to harvesting and handling techniques. There is no safer standard for the health conscious mom-to-be. 

The wealth of benefits gained through these lifestyle changes is validated by both word of mouth (from mom-to-mom) and through health studies. These trends seem to speak to a defining spirit of our times that is arising from a well-informed new generation of mothers-to-be. Even post-pregnancy these new habits and self-discoveries lead to healthier, happier families.

We would love to hear your feedback! Tell us how pregnancy inspired a healthier lifestyle for you.

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