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What to expect when making the switch to a natural deodorant

You’ve bid farewell to your antiperspirant and committed to going au naturale. So, what’s next? Here is a breakdown of what to expect and how to make the transition to a natural formula a successful one. 

The Detox

After using an antiperspirant for a *long* time, there is a period of adjustment— the body needs to rebalance itself as it adapts to a natural formula. After all, it’s learning how to sweat again.

You may find that you sweat more initially. You may even notice some armpit stains (that’s not typically with use of a non-antiperspirant) as your body eliminates aluminum build-up and other toxins from the pores in your underarms. 

During this purge the growth of odor-causing bacteria can increase, resulting in unpleasant body odor. You might even think your deodorant ‘isn’t working,’ but stick with it — it’s temporary

This ‘detox’ typically lasts about two to four weeks, based on your own body chemistry. 

How to get through it:

No bacteria. No body odor. Keep your armpits clean and your BO in check with (more) frequent showers or body cleansing wipes for when you’re on-the-go.

Hot baths or a sweat sesh opens-up underarm pores and help speed-up the ‘detox’ process.

Wear loose clothing made with natural fibers, like cotton, silk or linen, to more comfortably allow your body to perspire. 

Drink more water to flush toxins out — a good move, detox or not! 

You may need to experiment with a different scents to land on the one that best complements and neutralizes your body’s natural scent.  

Keep a travel-size version of your deodorant in your bag, like the 2 oz travel-size version of our award winning spray deodorants, to freshen-up throughout the day.


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