Decorating with Botanicals

Decorating with Botanicals

Using decorative botanicals when decorating is aesthetically pleasing and adds an element of earthiness to the room. the atmosphere feels grounded and jovial at the same time. Botanicals add a pop of color and in some cases aromatic accents. Whether you are prepping for a New Years party or just revamping your home here are tips on adding a simple touch of elegant life to any room. 

Pressed PlantsFloating Frame

There are many ways to press plants and flowers. One simple way is by pressing the botanical between two sheets of tissue paper and closing it inside of a large book. Once your botanical is carefully set inside, place the book on a hard flat surface and stack additional books on top to add weight. Let the leaf or flower dry for 3-5 days depending on the size. When the leaf is fully dry you are ready to put it into a frame. Floating frames present botanicals really beautifully. Use double sided tape to secure the leaf where you want it, slide the frame closed, and display. 

Decorating PlateBotanical Accents

You can use pressed plants or dried flowers to add accents to table settings, bookcases, or shelves. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve you can either use the flat pressed method above or air dry flowers to preserve their original form. Air drying works best for roses, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas and fuller flowers. To air dry flowers or botanicals hang them upside-down on a chair or door knob using a string or rubber band. You can also tape flowers and plants upside down on the wall. Botanicals will dry in 1-2 weeks.  Dry roses, geraniums and fragrant flowers retain a beautiful aromatic profile for approx. 8 weeks.

Life in Every Room

Add greenery to every room! From lucky bamboos, to succulents, to orchids, having a living element in every room truly changes the mood and increases the flow of energy. There are many options - wall vases, air plants, mason jars, stone vases, wood vases and endless combinations of natural materials that create beautiful, simple, modern displays. Succulents are always an amazing choice because of their durability and aesthetic. They require minimal water and the monochromatic colors blend well with most decor. 

We hope you enjoy enlivening your rooms with these botanical décor ideas! Lets us know your favorite way to bring natural elements into home decor.





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