4 Tips for Creating a Natural, Eco Space for Baby

Baby is on the way and it is time to nest. more moms are making the #conscious decision to create a natural, eco-friendly baby nursery. Style, sustainability, safety and function need to strike a perfect balance. here are a few tips to achieving this nesting dream and designing a sustainable nursery.

Style | Choose soothing, tranquil colors that make the room feel spacious and uplifting. Refreshing colors amplify natural light and decrease the need for electric light. To find the right color scheme consider creating your own mood board using magazine clippings and photos, or use a pinterest board. This will help you visualize a clear aesthetic.

eco baby nursery
| When painting baby’s nursery use a low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint and ventilate for a couple weeks before baby comes home. When shopping for baby's mattress look for organic cotton, wool blends that are naturally non-toxic, and fire retardant.

Sustainability | Eco friendly furniture options are readily available. Reclaimed wood dressers and shelves add a rustic flare to modern rooms. Most major retail outlets, and local baby boutiques, now offer beautiful cribs made from FSC certified wood, finished with a low-VOC, water-based stain. Sustainable bamboo flooring, furniture and fixtures also make stylish, eco-friendly room accents.

baby eco nursery
Function | Consider a sound dock to play soothing tunes. Install energy saving lamps and light bulbs. Make sure the lighting is flexible so you can go from bright light to soft light. Stock shelves with cloth or biodegradable diapers, organic clothes, blankets, sheets and non-toxic toys. But remember that key to a functional nursery is to keep it simple, the less clutter the better.

caregiver and baby will love spending time in this natural, modern, eco-friendly baby nursery. Happy nesting!

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