Creating Romance Rituals - Valentine's Day and Beyond

Just after New Years malls and markets start hanging red décor and filling their shelves with heart-shaped chocolates and goodies. Valentine’s Day waits just around the corner and couples start planning for romantic evenings. Some people start the night with extravagance, while others keep it simple, but at the end of the night the goal is always the same, romance and intimacy.

So how can we navigate the evening in a way that will result in mood elevation and affection? Sometimes the most subtle of details can make a person feel special. Warm lighting, a decadent chocolaty aphrodisiac for desert, a fresh set of Egyptian cotton sheets, but at Erbaviva our expertise is aromatherapy.

Valentines Day Tips

Erbaviva values the fact that for centuries the therapeutic properties of essential oils have been used to benefit the body. Some uses are for the physical body while others are emotionally based. In modern times science has confirmed that an aroma can change a person’s disposition. But sometimes our experiences speak louder than science. When's the last time you walked outside after a rainy night and felt uplifted by the smell of bourgeoning flowers and fresh-cut grass? Or caught the scent of an old perfume that completely transported you into a vivid memory? Evoking our sense of smell can be invigorating and enlivening. Likewise, infusing the home or bedroom with romantic aromatics may create the ideal sensual ambiance.

Here is a list of our favorite romantic essential oils for Valentine's Day:

Grapefruit essential oil is known as an energetic, uplifting oil with a bright, citrusy aroma. It said to create a warm atmosphere, perfect for date night. 
Lavender essential oil is also known to lift spirits and create a soothing sensation. The scent it sweet and inviting.
Jasmine essential oil is considered an effective aphrodisiac with an exotic, floral scent. It blends perfectly with citrus notes.
Neroli essential oil is earthy and zesty with floral undertones. It is known to stimulate romance, desire and to rejuvenate the senses.
In the Victorian tradition Roses symbolize passion and love. Rose essential oil embraces this sediment with its intoxicatingly fragrant allure. A high-grade rose essential oil will boast a sweet but fresh full-bodied bouquet.

Organic Essential Oils

We recommend using romantic essential oils in a diffuser or mixing in a few drop with your favorite carrier oil for a sensual massage. Erbaviva offers bath salts, massage oils and room sprays that make using essential oils easy. Explore the Relax line (Lavender, Rose, Neroli) and Embrace line (Grapefruit, Jasmine) to see which items may be right for you.

For more Valentine’s Day friendly products check out the Daily Makeover article “7 Beauty Products That Will Boost Your Sex Life.

We hope everyone has an exciting Valentine’s Day and these little romance rituals find a way in to our daily lives.




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