Refresh and Renew Essential Oil Bundle

$ 84.00

Refresh and Renew your body and spirit with this wonderful set of pure organic essential oils to help improve mood and increase energy and motivation. Diffuse in your favorite diffuser, or dilute with carrier oil and add to bath. Relax and inhale the benefits. You can also blend with carrier oil and use for an invigorating massage. Essential oils have been used in traditional medicine for mind/body wellness for thousands of years.

Bergamot - Bergamot has a warm, citrusy aroma. In aromatherapy it is known to have a deep grounding and centering effect.

Grapefruit - Zesty, fresh and citrusy grapefruit essential oil uplifts the mind and spirit.

Cinnamon - Spicy and sweet cinnamon is said to encourage self-confidence and emotional balance.

Peppermint - Super fresh, herbaceous and minty peppermint is cooling, stimulating, refreshing and uplifting.

100% Pure Organic Essential Oils


5ml Bergamot, Grapefruit, Cinnamon Bark, 10ml Peppermint

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