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global responsibility

blinknow foundation

Erbaviva remains ever true to its originating philosophy of authenticity and enduring commitment
to people and the environment with our products, manufacturing and global community service.

blinknow foundation

Through various fundraising projects, Erbaviva financially supports The BlinkNow Foundation. BlinkNow’s founder Maggie Doyne was only 19 year old when she went backpacking though the Himalayas. Deeply moved by the living conditions that she witnessed, Maggie took immediate action. Using funds she had saved babysitting throughout High School, Maggie created Kopila Valley Home and School, a caring home for over 50 children, and a thriving school for over 350 students.

BlinkNow also holds sustainability as a primary part of their mission. They grow their own organic fruits and vegetables for daily meals, use solar panels for the facility, and use sustainable building materials in construction. Maggie Doyne was named the 2015 CNN Hero of the Year and was presented with the Unsung Heroes of Compassion award by the Dalai Lama.

“We’ve been extremely lucky to have Erbaviva as partners and friends. Through our partnership and collaborations we’ve been able to implement sustainable projects to support our children’s home, school, and women’s center in Nepal. We’ve done everything from purchase a mommy and baby cow, to biodynamic farming, and provide art therapy and counseling services for our children, and provide entrepreneurial skills to women and mothers in our community.

We love Erbaviva’s devotion to the environment, and their focus on building community and a better world and feel lucky to be one of recipients to the generosity and love they spread throughout the world. The owners and entire team themselves are wonderful people who live the values they expound through their business."

- Maggie Doyne, BlinkNow Founder

sop moei
sop moei

erbaviva - washbagSince the early days of Erbaviva, we have purchased our unique cotton canvas, handcrafted packaging through Sop Moei Arts.

Sop Moei Arts is a non-profit organization that has been working with the Pwo Karen Hill Tribe in Northern Thailand for the last 30 years. They collaborate with local villagers to create specialty items utilizing their expertise in weaving and basket making. Purchases made through Sop Moei provides sustainable income for the villagers, helps the tribe run a mobile children’s clinic, and works with the community to transition away from the region’s traditional “slash and burn” agricultural practices to creating permanent, sustainable farms.

Anna Cirronis

anna cirronis

As director of philanthropic engagement and partnerships, co-founder Anna Cirronis guides Erbaviva’s global charitable efforts.

Under her initiative we have forged a lasting relationship with BlinkNow Foundation, which supports the Kopila Valley Children’s Home and Primary School in Surkhet, Nepal. Founded by Maggie Doyne at the age of 19, BlinkNow’s mission is to change the world by empowering Nepali youth by way of quality education, a safe environment and inspiring others. Since the opening of the Children’s Home in 2008, BlinkNow’s philanthropic efforts in Nepal have grown to encompass the Kopila Valley School, a health clinic and women’s center.

Through its partnership with Erbaviva, BlinkNow has received financial assistance to implement sustainable projects at the Children’s Home, including the purchase of a cow, biodynamic farming, art therapy and counseling services.

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