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About Erbaviva Organic


Erbaviva offers premium organic personal care products that fuse European artisan quality with healthy California organic culture. Unique and delightful, each exquisite product is handcrafted with distinctively pure living herbs, essential oils and botanicals, sourced near and far, and to the highest standards of organic certification, safety, efficacy and sustainability.

20 years experience in developing safe, high quality organic products for baby, mommy-to-be and sensitive skin conditions.
The trusted brand for every enlightened beauty-seeker who demands truly organic products.

The combination of organic scientifically proven plant constituents and aromatic essential oils create highly therapeutic products that benefit the body, soul and skin.
Erbaviva products are USDA certified - the highest standard of organic. This means 95% to 100% of the ingredients are guaranteed organic and GMO free.

From “farm to bottle”, Erbaviva practices sustainability and holistic farming, including biodynamic certified products, to create healthy products that better the lives of people while working harmoniously with nature. 


With a passion for pure ingredients and their own children as inspiration, Robin Brown and Anna Cirronis created Erbaviva, a beautiful line of authentically organic skincare products. The exclusive, handmade collection is Certified USDA Organic and Demeter Biodynamic.

In the defining spirit of voyagers, Robin and Anna were among the very first to seek out and source the highest quality organic ingredients possible for their original organic baby skincare line in 1996. Desiring the healthiest, safest and most natural products for their newborn, the couple developed distinctively pure products, consciously crafted with ultimately nourishing living herbs and botanicals and free from harsh detergents, chemical fragrances and other unhealthy additives. Erbaviva was born.


Robin was born in Philadelphia of Scottish parentage. His family moved back to the UK when he was six months old and he was raised in Richmond, South West London, with two siblings. Robin grew up in an artistic, unconventional family where his mother was a painter and ceramicist and his father was a well-respected landscape architect. Growing up, he was an idealist, creative, slightly impractical and had a very positive outlook on life.

As a teenager he was interested in becoming a farmer, studying geology and geography. After high school he followed a path in art photography. He completed a foundation art course at Taunton College of Art and later earned a degree in creative photography at Derby Lonsdale College. He enjoyed photographing nature, as well as environmental portraits and travel reportage.

Upon completing his degree in photography, he moved to New York City and got a job as a fashion photographer’s assistant. Within a few months he was offered a job at a commercial film production company as studio manager. Here he worked his way up to becoming a production coordinator and then producer. At this point, he realized he was missing the creativity of photography and decided he wanted to become a film cinematographer. He landed a job as a second assistant cameraman and worked his way up the ranks from focus puller to camera operator and eventually a cinematographer. He has worked on many well renowned films such as Fargo, Dead Man Walking, The Shawshank Redemption and The Hudsucker Proxy.  

On a 1998 trip to India where he spent several weeks traveling, including hiking the Himalayas, he realized that he did not want to continue in film. Fueled by the desire to build something that was his own and pursue a more sustainably oriented career, Robin decided to leave the film industry and joined Anna in the process of growing Erbaviva to what has become a flourishing internationally successful company and remains an inspired leader in the field of organic personal care.

Robin is currently the CEO of Erbaviva and oversees the plans and direction of the company.


Anna was born to a Sardinian family but was raised in Switzerland, nurtured by both Italian wholeheartedness and a Germanic sense of care and vigor. Her multicultural background, extensive world travels as well as fluency in five European languages have informed her choices throughout her adult career. From an early age she felt that life must be embraced in all its immense and colorful diversity.

After a free-spirited youth of delving into various enterprises, Anna arrived at a major landmark in her life: motherhood. Becoming a mother through giving birth as well as international adoption and by raising three happy and inquisitive children, opened a whole wide horizon. A new horizon through which she would from now onward experience life and work. It was because of this significant junction in her life that she became motivated to work not only for her own but for all children in order to help make the world a kinder and healthier place. When she became a certified aromatherapist, Anna was inspired to establish a company whose products would fulfill this broad purpose. By joining forces with Robin Brown, Erbaviva was created.

Her interest in humanity and love for the children of the world, however, urged Anna to expand her studies and explorations. She went on to complete a master’s degree in transformational psychology, as well as become certified in restorative & trauma- informed Yoga, and integral life coaching. Most importantly, she was able to incorporate and bring together all of her talents and skills by becoming an expressive arts therapist and thus serving such diverse groups as the blind, the elderly, and Nepalese women and children.

Anna is currently the Director of Philanthropic Engagement & Partnerships at Erbaviva. Under her initiative, the company has forged lasting relationships with humatitarian international organizations such as Maggie Doyne’s Blinknow.



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